Friday, 18 May 2012

Introduction - Home education resources and curriculum

 As I child, I looked on compulsory education as a 12 year prison sentence. I had some wonderful teachers who I will never forget, but for the most part, school was a drudgery that turned even the most exciting of subjects into something dull , boring and distasteful. Although education can not all be fun - there must be some hard work as well - I am determined that my sons will experience education as an adventure. This blog will be dedicated sharing the ideas, resources and curriculum that we have found to that encourage a child's joy of discovery and make learning fun.

 Of course this blog is not just for home educators - if you are looking for books or resources to help your child learn to read, books that boys will really want to read, science kits, history, or anything else educational, you have come to the right spot. I'm just getting started now, so it will take awhile to build up a lot of reviews and subjects, but if you are looking for anything in particular in reagrds to education, do let me know - I most likely have something, I can easily add.

If you found my blog helpful at all - please leave a message. If you happen to have a page related to home education, children's book or other educational topics for children - please leave a comment with a link back to your site.
 I do review books on other sites as well, and in most cases I will have a longer, in depth review of the book at dooyoo as well under broxi3781.

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